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More often than not, we do not see things as they are, instead we see them as we are.

With the theme “Seeing the Unseen” we seek to highlight how we constantly attempt to see the unpredictable, or the hidden. We try to predict the future and focus on improving it instead of living in the present.

Seeing the Unseen thrives on the neglected, the latent and the road less traveled. It aims to reverberate with possibilities that take unexpected courses, encouraging different opinions, perspectives, spirits and ideas. It hopes to embolden and query the norm.

We find our lives have all but been eclipsed by the rampant growth in technology and science, often leaving very little time to introspect. It asks if this the only form of development, or if we choose not to look at things objectively.

Sometimes we voluntarily ignore what lies in plain sight. We overlook our failures thereby overestimating our potential. Our lives have turned so insular that we do not bother questioning the discomfort until it threatens us.

We do not want to think about poverty and how grim a social threat it really is. We don’t concern ourselves with the political until the same policies directly affect us. We look past children begging on the streets but we pamper our own. This blatant ignorance has given rise to the need to grasp intersectionality to truly wont to understand the consequences of neglect and the differing ways it affects a group and the group’s environment.

Seeing the Unseen is a theme which bids to acknowledge and open dialog on the lesser known but crucial change blazoning efforts - within technology, environment, ecology, and on a social and cultural level

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